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Lyrical concert based on Christina Englund’s subtle, humorous and warm poems. Christina Englund (Voice), Henrik Knarborg Larsen (Percussion) and Niels-Ole Bo Johansen (Trombone) creates an intense sphere, where the poetry is supported, challenged and encircled by modern music. The trio has performed this lyrical concert several times, latest in Copenhagen at Sophienholm Poetry Festival.

Music and poetry in collaboration with famous Danish poets.

Percussion and poetry explore the abstact universe of rhythms - in combination the words and music create new meanings. The intense presence of the poets reading their poems makes the PercussionPoetry an exhilarating experience also for an international audience. 


Shadi Angelina Bazeghis collection of poems "Vingeslag" (stroke of the wings) have won several critics awards. In the performance Iranian-born Shadi Angelina Bazeghi (voice) reads her poems and Henrik Knarborg Larsen (Percussion) improvise an accompaniment based on music by Iranian-born Mansoor Mani Hosseini and the harsh grey tone work Split Point by Simon Steen-Andersen giving background to the expressive poems full of the sorrows and terror of war. The performance was first given at the “House of Poetry” in Copenhagen in 2015.

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