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E-leaning videos

These videos is part of my e-leaning program at Royal Academy of Music Aarhus -  It is meant to be a preperation for my students before they have the actual lesson so they know a lot of the basics and we can focus on using the techniques and making them working well. Therefore the videos are short and precise covering many techniques very fast to present a lot of knowledge. I have made them open access to inspire others and you are welcome to write me with suggestions and questions. e-mail


E-learning: Marimba Basics 1

E-learning: Tambourine Basics 1


E-learning: Tambourine Basics 2


E-learning Snare Drum Rolls Basics


Try online lessons:

Watch videos from masterclasses



Amsterdam masterclass 2015

Ki-aikido and basic technique

Sibelius Academy 2014:



Sibelius Academy 2014

Improving essential technique

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