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Church Concerts

Welcome to my page about church concerts.

I enjoy the atmosphere of a church concert were I am often closer to the audience than in a concert hall and I can present the music in words.


Options for 2020 Spring:

Solo concerts with a repertoire selected for the church room including Bach and Schostakowich


Music worship where I accompany the organ in the psalms and play solo pieces

Duo with violin Ana Feitosa (Brasilien): 2020 150 years anniversary of Astor Piazzolla


Duo with Nickie Johansson: New Years Concert for Soprano and Percussion (for January 2021)

Duo with my former Soloist Class student Heigo Rosin: Bach, Ligeti, Schostakowich and Arvo Pärt. Heigo has a close connection to composers from his homeland Estonia.




Michael Vitten

tel. (+45) 2682 2383



tel: (+45) 2553 6494


Information in Danish:









"I had the pleasure to collaborate with Henrik Knarborg Larsen making a music service for younger people. The theme was Michaelmas and was focusing on light and darkness. Henrik played as a soloist as pre- and postludium and together with the organ player for the psalms. It worked very well, he managed to bring out the themes very beautiful in the music. I experienced that the music - on both drums and marimba - had a broad specter; it was quiet and intimate in one moment and in the next dramatic and very effectful. It added to a greater experience and a new perspective for the mass, which fitted the mass well for youth masses or any other mass, where you want to bring in some new music."


Anne Linde Førgaard, priest Rind-Kollund-Kølkær church. 

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