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Artistic Reseach Project 2016-2018  NEU ERHÖRTE KLÄNGE
Supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture and Royal Academy of Music Aarhus

Ki-Aikido as a Physio-Mental method of developing sound and artistic presence

Video of Mirage for Marimba

The project is a scientific intervention study on masterclass teaching using Ki-Aikido as an investigation of a method then applied to my own artistic search in terms of development and inspiration.

The project was presented for the public with the opponent prof. Hans Kristian Kjos Sørensen.

22rd of November 2018 19:00 in Chamber Music Hall, Musikhuset Aarhus. 


I explore the use of the Japanese Martial art Ki-Aikido in percussion aiming at communicating a new method of approaching an artistic process by: 

A Video recording of "Mirage" by Y. Sueyoshi

A Documentary Film about the process 

A Scientific Intervention study and the article "Marimba, Mallet and Mind" published in Journal of New Music Research (Routledge)

Article link

An article in "Year Book for artistic research 2018"

A premiere of the Aluphone concerto:

One Point by Laura Bowler, based on Ki-Aikido.

Instructional videos about the method for percussion



The intervention study where we tested a control group and an

experiment group receiving a Ki-Aikido instruction, before and after intervention, showed a significantly higher ability to change the sound with the Ki-Aikido instruction - FFT analysis showed  an average decrease of the 3rd and 4th overtone, thus resulting in a marimbasound with more fundamental tone.

The artistic research found new way of approaching the interpretation proces during the interdisciplinary study, as well as directly crossreferences from the methods of the martial art and percussion playing.


The team behind:

Ole Heggli Ph. D                       Bjørn Pedersen Ph.D


Jacob Nielsen Visual Artist       Henrik Winther Sound Engineer

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